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T.S. Kim Bidecennial Memorial Workshop _ Theoretical and Applied Economics

Date: Friday, Mar 17, 2017, 10:00 ~ 18:00
Speaker: workshop
Location: Building #16-655, College of Social Science

T.S. Kim Bidecennial Memorial Workshop
Theoretical and Applied Economics

2017 March 17
Seoul National University
CSS building (#16), Room 655

Hosted by
서울대 경제학부 BK플러스 사업단, 서울대 경제연구소 분배정의연구센터

Organized by
김진우 (Jinwoo Kim),  주병기 (Biung-Ghi Ju)
기념사: 류근관 (Keunkwan Ryu, 경제학부장), 주병기 (분배정의연구센터대표)

Part I. 교육과 경제적 불평등 (Education and Economic Inequality)

Session 1 [10:00-13:00] 사회자: 김세직 (Se-Jik Kim, 서울대)
사회 이동성과 교육 불평등 (Social Mobility and Educational Inequality) by 김희삼  (Hisam Kim, 광주과기대)
Intergenerational Transmission of Culture: Evidence from Spatio-Temporal Variation in Son Preference in Korea by 김세익  (Seik Kim, 고려대)
Endogenous Market Formation: Theory and Evidence from Chilean College Admissions by 이수형  (Soohyung Lee, 서강대)
종합토론: 김우철 (Woocheol Kim, 서울시립대), 이우진 (Woojin Lee, 고려대), 주병기 (서울대), 홍석철 (Sok Chul Hong, 서울대)


Part II. Markets, Incentive, and Rationality 

Session 2 [14:30-16:10] moderated by Chongmin Kim (Kookmin University) 
A Model of Patent Trolls (with Heiko Gerlach) by Jay Pil Choi (Michigan State University, Hitotsubashi University)
Talking out of Moral Hazard (with Bruno Jullien) by In-Uck Park (University of Bristol, Sungkyunkwan University)


Session 3 [16:20-18:00]  moderated by Syngjoo Choi (Seoul National University)
Optimal Sequential Decision with Limited Attention (with Konrad Mierendorff) by Yeon-Koo Che (Columbia University)
Designing the Future by Tatsuyoshi Saijo  (Kochi University of Technology)

Dinner at Hoam Faculty Restaurant
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